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Dental Implants – Portage, IN

A Modern, Lasting Solution to Tooth Loss

Smiling senior woman

Traditionally, tooth replacement options only bothered with rebuilding the structure that was visible above the gum tissue. While this method is sufficient for restoring cosmetic value and biting strength, it couldn’t be ignored that half of the original tooth was now missing. Without a root in place, the patient’s jawbone is no longer stimulated and can start to deteriorate over time. Thankfully, dental implants are a state-of-the-art method for replacing missing teeth comprehensively, starting from the root and building up. If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary service or schedule a dental implant consultation here in Portage, contact Advanced Dental Concepts today! Our team would love to hear from you.

Are You Missing One Tooth?

Model of implant retained dental crown

Rebuilding a tooth with a new dental implant is carried out in two distinct phases. First, the implant itself will need to be surgically inserted into the gum and jawbone. This is done by creating a minor incision in the tissue and placing the implant in the ideal position to support the eventual prosthetic. The surgical site will also be covered with a protective cap to allow for proper healing and give the natural tissue a chance to gradually bond with the biocompatible implant. This bonding process will typically require anywhere from 3-6 months.

Once the patient has fully healed from their dental implant placement, they will return to the office so that we can design and place an all-ceramic dental crown over it.

Are You Missing Multiple Teeth?

Animation of implant retained bridge

If you are missing more than one tooth that used to appear together in a row, an implant-retained dental bridge may be the right option for rebuilding this lost structure beautifully. We will place a single implant on either side of the affected gap. These implants will work as “anchors” that help support the bridge on both sides, resulting in a sturdy and reliable fit.

Are You Missing All of Your Teeth?

Implant denture prior to placement

Contrary to popular belief, most patients who have experienced severe tooth loss can successfully replenish their smile with dental implants. It’s simple – instead of relying on a traditional partial or full denture, we can outfit these prosthetics with strategic dental implants for improved function, fit, and health. Because we aren’t replacing each individual tooth with its own implant, this method is also more cost-effective too. Just imagine – you can finally eat all your favorite foods, speak with confidence in public, and even smile without any worries regarding “slippage.”

Mini Dental Implants

Patient with implant in place prior to restoraiton

Mini dental implants, like the name implies, are simply a smaller version of the traditional dental implant model. Our dentists may recommend the use of mini dental implants when faced with the following circumstances:

  • To rebuild smiles for patients who either experience dangerous difficulty during surgical processes or who have an immune system that would not be able to heal properly after the placement of traditional implants.
  • To help patients who do not have enough healthy jawbone structure left to accommodate full implants.
  • To replace smaller, trickier teeth that appear in the front of the mouth (such as the canines and incisors)