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Teeth Whitening – Portage, IN

Make Your Smile Multiple Shades Whiter Today!

A woman smiling on a couch

When it comes to your smile’s appearance, life happens. Drinking an occasional glass of wine or a daily cup of coffee will do damage to your enamel if not promptly washed away. But these stains don’t have to be part of your smile any longer. Cosmetic treatments like in-office whitening and take-home whitening kits make it easy to get your smile back to a brilliantly white shade.

In just two to three treatments and the expertise of Dr. Danny Hayes and Dr. Christine Mousa, you can make your smile up to ten shades whiter! Schedule an appointment with our office to get started!

In-Office Whitening for Quick Results

A woman receiving a teeth whitening treatment

If you have an important event coming up and your smile isn’t looking as good as you’d like it to, you’ll have a lot to gain from in-office whitening treatments. This unique blend of professional-grade bleaching ingredients is only available at dental offices like ours. In as little as one hour, you can get your whitening performed and be ready in time for your big event. Because this single appointment is so quick, you can even get it done during your workday!

When you arrive, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning and confirm no dental disease is present. Afterwards, we’ll take digital photos of your teeth in order to capture their precise shade. Then, we’ll apply the bleaching solution to your teeth and allow your enamel to properly absorb it. After 15 minutes of treatment, we’ll take an additional set of photos to confirm that the bleaching agents are working. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll do additional treatments as necessary.

Take-Home Kits for Independent Whitening

A take-home whitening tray

For those who frequently travel or simply want to keep their smile looking sharp in between visits, take-home whitening offers the strength of in-office bleaching materials and let’s you bring them home! Instead of having the gel applied by one of our dentists, you’ll be given a series of trays custom-made to fit your smile exactly. After applying the gel inside the tray, you’ll wear them for a set period of time (typically about 30 minutes a day) over the next two weeks. Even though treatment is longer, you can still expect office-level results.

Benefits of a Professional Whitening

A couple brushing their teeth together

Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional bleaching offers higher percentages of bleaching ingredients, including carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Most in-store whitening products cap out at 10 percent actual bleaching ingredients, while professional-grade options go as high as 25 and 40 percent. Furthermore, over-the-counter kits are not custom-made, so there’s a much higher risk of the whitening solution coming into contact with oxygen or not evenly distributing throughout your mouth. Both of these issues can dramatically reduce the bleaching’s effectiveness.

Your whitening should last at least 6 months, but with proper daily care it can easily last two years before needing retreatment. This will vary depending on your eating and brushing habits.

Those who want to give their smile a quick and easy boost of whitening should contact our office. You’ll get to speak with a cosmetic dentist in Portage and get your whitening scheduled!